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5 Essentials Things To Easily Pack

To make packing easier for you, I compiled a list of 5 essential items. These will help you stay organized.

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While traveling, I like to make my life easy and stay organized. Because why stress and end up forgetting or losing stuff? I feel that packing should not be something that needs to stress you out. Your vacation should start when you pack, so let me make it easier!

Here are 5 things that help me pack easier and keep my stuff together, which, hopefully, will help you as well.

Packing Cubes

I swear by packing cubes! I cannot travel without them! Why? First, contrary to popular belief, they do fit A LOT! The tip here is to roll your clothes to fully take advantage of the space. Second, they contain your clothes in a way that avoids wrinkles or creases. I packed my husband’s dress shirts in cubes, and he wore them neatly when we got to our destination, wrinkles-free. Third, I like to organize my stuff and pack specific clothing in specific cubes depending on size and usability. So it really comes in handy when you need something specific you’ll know where to find it.

Tip: if you’re not traveling with a carry-on, which I do not recommend, you can pack some of the clothing items in a cube and insert the latter into your backpack. They will remain together and will be well preserved.

Hanging Makeup & Toiletry Bag

I hate losing stuff or spending time searching for something. I used to carry 3 different pouches for my toiletries and make-up and wonder where is what and end up forgetting products at home. What I like about a good-sized toiletry bag is that I can fit all my products and keep them organized, especially if I’m sharing an Airbnb with friends or staying at a friend’s place. My stuff will remain in the different compartments. The cool thing is I can hang it, so you gain space on the counter!

Travel Toiletry Set

I recommend traveling light and using only a carry-on to avoid the hassle of checked baggage at the airports. But, you will need your liquids to meet the TSA regulations (CATSA in Canada). Having a travel set can be helpful as the containers are limited to 100 ml, so you can be sure not to overpack liquids plus, you can refill them, so you don’t need to spend extra money on travel-sized creams or shampoo. 

Even if you are checking your luggage, I recommend using the set to avoid traveling with full-sized products and end up with the extra weight you don’t need.

Travel Backpack / Side Bag or Fanny Pack

You’ll need a travel backpack or any backpack with multiple compartments. This is where you’ll need to store your important documents and electronics hence the need for a sturdy one. I also keep my toiletries in my backpack (just make sure the bag is well sealed) so I can easily remove them at the screening point. 

In addition to the backpack, I always carry a side bag or fanny pack where I can keep my phone, passport, and boarding pass in.

Jewelry Travel Case

On my recent travels, I had to pack multiple jewelry sets for different events, so I needed an organizer to keep them together. Let’s face it, no one wants to lose jewelry! I find this to be quite helpful if you need multiple sets.

You’re now all set! Happy Packing!

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  1. Super helpful! Waiting for more packing tips as I travel a lot and have mastered fitting my life in a carry-on!

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