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Indoor Winter Date Ideas in Montreal

Are you looking for some fun and cozy indoor date ideas in Montreal this winter? Look no further! Check out these indoor winter date ideas in Montreal and make great memories with your partner while staying warm indoors.

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Winter in Montreal can be long and harsh, and as much as I preach heading outdoors, sometimes it’s nice to have an indoor date.

With some creativity, you can plan exciting indoor dates and have fun! Here are some indoor date ideas for winter in Montreal that will make you forget about the cold and have a great time. Enjoy!

1. Board Game Night at Home

Board games are a classic way to spend a cozy night indoors with your partner. They are a great way to bond and have fun! Here are some of my favorites: Monopoly Deal, Scrabble, Rivals for Catan (yes, there’s a version for 2 players!), or Codenames (which is honestly becoming my go-to game, it’s so fun and lets you unleash your creativity). To make the night more special, you can prepare snacks and drinks, play some music, and put your phones on do not disturb mode for a disconnected game night.

2. Visit a Museum

Montreal is home to some of the best museums in Canada, and winter is the perfect time to visit them. They are interesting conversation starters with your date. You can spend hours exploring the exhibitions and discovering each other’s interests. Here are a couple of museums to check out:

3. Ceramic Painting

Another indoor winter date idea in Montreal is ceramic painting. It’s a fun and relaxing activity that allows you to express your creativity and make something special for each other. You can easily spend a couple of hours painting the ceramics while chatting and sipping a cup of hot chocolate! There are many ceramic painting studios in the city, one that I recommend is the Ceramic Cafe, but I have a small tip for you, you can find coupons on Tuango to avoid paying a hefty fee.

4. Axe Throwing

Do you want to challenge each other physically? Axe throwing is a fun and thrilling activity that you can enjoy together. You’ll get to throw axes at targets and compete with each other to see who can hit the bullseye. It’s a great way to release some stress (ahem) and have fun while staying warm indoors; just be careful ;)! There are several places in Montreal where you can go for axe throwings, such as Rage Axe Throwing or Maniax.

5. Cooking Class

Why not take a cooking class together? It’s a fun and interactive way to spend a date night, and you’ll get to enjoy a delicious meal at the end of it, yum! You can find many cooking classes in Montreal, such as the ones offered by Atelier & Saveurs. It’s a fun activity that requires a lot of communication, but you’ll share a lovely meal and create memories together. I strongly recommend doing it!

Winter in Montreal doesn’t have to be boring or depressing; believe me! With these indoor winter date ideas in Montreal, you and your partner can have fun, stay warm, and make great memories together. And if you decide to head outside, Montreal has a lot of cool Ice Skating Rinks, perfect for a date! 

So let me know in the comments what you will do on your next date night!

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