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4 Beautiful Waterfalls Near Montreal

Are you ready to explore some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Quebec? In this blog post, I'll take you on a journey to discover four amazing waterfalls located near Montreal that are definitely worth visiting.

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It’s waterfall season!! Quebec is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Canada. In this blog post, I will explore four waterfalls located near Montreal that are worth visiting. From easy hikes to kayaking adventures, there’s something for everyone. So Water you waiting for? (pun intended LOL) Let’s explore the natural beauty of Quebec’s waterfalls.

A view of the tall Montmorency falls from the promenade

1. Montmorency Falls

The Montmorency Falls (Chute de Montmorency in French) are 83 m (272.3′) high, meaning they are 30 m (98.4′) taller than Niagara Falls. Yes, you read that right. Taller but less voluminous than Niagara Falls, they are worth a visit. I would combine it with a trip to Quebec City!

Distance from Montreal?

A 3 hours drive from Montreal or 15 mins from Quebec City

How to access the falls?

You can admire the falls from the newly built promenade below the waterfall, from the cable car, or from the observatory deck. If you have a heart for adventures, you can see the falls through via Ferrata or Zipline.

How much will it cost?

Access to the park is CAD 7.57 per adult (CAD 3.78 for Quebec Residents) and CAD 3.78 for parking. For the Cable car, it’s CAD 14.95 per person.

a view of the voluminous plaisance waterfall from the bottom

2. Chutes de Plaisance

Located in the Outaouais region, these waterfalls are honestly worth the visit! Voluminous and 63 meters tall, if you only have one weekend for waterfalls, I would choose this one! Don’t forget to pack a picnic basket since picnic tables are available at the bottom of the waterfalls to enjoy the breathtaking view!

Distance from Montreal?

1.5 hours drive from Montreal (or 45 mins from Ottawa)

How to access the falls?

The falls are accessible via an easy 1km hike from the Plaisance town. Or, you can rent a kayak from the Parc National de Plaisance and take on the challenge of the 10km round trip to the falls. It’s a long journey, but trust me —it’s worth it! Once there, you can walk for 5-10 mins to get to the falls.

How much will it cost?

Access to the falls on foot is $8 per adult and $5 per teen.

To rent Kayak from the Parc National de Plaisance, you’ll need a Sepaq access CAD 9.25 / 4 hours for the kayak rentals cost CAD 42.5+TX for the double and CAD 34+TX for the simple. For Kayaking, I recommend you check out my blog on what to pack.

a photo of couple standing in front of a waterfall

3. Chutes aux Rats or Rats Waterfalls

The Chutes aux rats, or rats waterfalls, are located in the magnificent Mont-Tremblant National Park. So why not go on an adventure to check out the falls next time you plan a trip to the popular Mont-Tremblant?

Distance from Montreal?

A 2 hours drive from Montreal

How to access the falls?

The Envolée loop, an easy 9.5km out-and-back trail in the Mont-Tremblant National Park, leads you to the foot of these waterfalls. It is very accessible and family and dog friendly.

How much will it cost?

You’ll need a Sepaq ticket to access for CAD 9.25 per adult.

waterfalls on a sunny day

4. Parc Régional des Chutes Monte-à-Peine-et-des-Dalles

I mean, it’s literally called the Park of Waterfalls. So you can expect to see… waterfalls! I strongly recommend hiking there towards the end of May because it’s stunning!

Distance from Montreal?

A bit less than a 1.5-hour drive from Montreal

How to access the falls?

The Desjardins and La Coulée Loop is a moderate hiking trail with a length of 8.7km. On this trail, you can find different waterfalls to feast your eyes on.

How much will it cost?

Access to the park is CAD 10 per adult, CAD 7 for kids between 6 and 17 years old, and CAD 5 for your doggo.

In summary, we explored four beautiful waterfalls near Montreal – Chutes de Plaisance, Montmorency Falls, Chutes aux Rats, and Parc Régional des Chutes Monte-à-Peine-et-des-Dalles. I hope you are inspired to plan a trip. Don’t forget to pack a picnic basket and take in the breathtaking views!

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