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5 Tips to Pack a Carry-On For Your Next Trip

Looking to travel with only a carry on? In this post I share 5 easy tips to help you pack lightly.

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With all the travel chaos that’s happening globally, the least of your worries should be lost baggage. I learned the hard way to always pack a carry-on. But we all know it’s not easy to pack one if you’re traveling for more than a long weekend. That’s why I compiled the below tips to make it easier for you to pack lightly.

#1 Always Start with a Packing list 

I know that may not be something you want to hear but let’s face it, it will make your life easier and help you avoid dumping anything and everything into your luggage. Your list should include the essentials, from toiletries and undergarments to the outfits you might wear.

#2 Versatility should be your best friend

You’re going on vacation, so you want to wear all your closet and take pics for the gram with different outfits. I hear you! You can have multiple outfits by mixing and matching your items and avoiding packing one-offs. Let me elaborate. Instead of considering a pair of pants that only go with one specific top, opt for one that can be worn with 2 tops. You can pack 2 tops A & B that can be worn with pants C and skirt D, so you end up with 4 combinations instead of just 2: Top A + Pants C, Top A + Skirt D, Top B + Pants C, Top B + Skirt D. Do this with different items, and you’ll end up mixing and matching without overpacking! If you’re wondering how many outfits/combinations you should consider, I usually go with the number of days + 2 extras.

I suggest laying your clothes on your bed before packing to see if you have one too many of a specific clothing item.

You will also need that versatility when it comes to shoes. Avoid packing multiple pairs. Instead, pack one pair for daily activity (I usually opt for white sneakers) and one pair of smart shoes for night outings. Lastly, wear bulky Items on the plane.

#3 Packing Cubes Are a Must

Do you want to keep your clothes neat and organized? Packing cubes are the answer. You can use a combination of folding and rolling to fit in your clothes. You can also organize them by activity or outing type to know where to find each clothing item. 

#4 Use the Personal Item 

Most airlines allow a personal item in addition to your carry-on for your laptop or whatnot. Use the extra space to pack your underwear, an additional set of clothes, or anything that doesn’t fit in your luggage. 

#5 Wear the Bulky items on the plane

Bulky shoes? Heavy Jacket? Big Sweatshirt? Wear them on the plane! It will save you space in your carry one and make room for the other stuff. 

Make sure to check my 5 essentials to pack easily blog. 

Do you have any additional tips? Feel free to add them in the comments section.

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